Second Printing Now Finished

The second printing (there aren’t enough changes to warrant calling it a “second edition”) of Dark Dungeons is now available in three different versions (Softback, Hardback, and Deluxe).

This printing includes:

  • Fixes to all known errata.
  • A simplified (but functionally identical in most situations) method of calculating to-hit numbers. No more having to look everything up on the table! (But the table is still included if you prefer look-ups to simple maths)
  • The missing Morale rules.
  • Expanded rules for humanoid leaders, shamans, and sorcerers.

For those of you with the first printing, who understandably might not want to buy a second book, there is an uplift document available on the Downloads page

You can get to all three Lulu projects through the Printed Books page, and the PDF version (well, three of them actually) is available from the Downloads page.

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